Lot of changes happening in October!

1.) Going with pictures instead of words to help out the majority of our Clients. Those who can read will be fine, those who can’t read can now participate easier.

2.) Going with one Zoom ID for all classes. 312 985 9468. Again this will help the Clients and their Parents/Providers since they won’t have to search for their calendar anymore to see which class is what ID.

3.) “All eyes on me” – it’s not just a Tupac song anymore – all classes will be the Clients only option that hour – which is rough if they don’t like Sports or Art or Cooking – but will stretch them to learn new things and be exposed to new ideas.

4.) October schedule will start Monday, 10/4 and run through Friday 10/29 – enjoy!!!

Have a great idea for a class? Email our Executive Director at or reach out to us over Facebook or Instagram. We love to hear new ideas!